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Here are some KEY FEATURES that YOU will BENEFIT from.

Video Broadcasting

  • Showcase any youtube video, a pre-recorded one or a LIVE streaming video *
  • Link your YouTube account or channel to automatically broadcast your LIVE hangouts * (no need to mess with video embed codes every time you host a new hangout)
  • Use YouTube playlist to showcase your previous hangouts or trainings
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive video delivery

* Video/Hangout must be shared publicly and accessible publicly

Audience Engagement

  • Engage with your audience through Facebook comments
  • Easily add call-to-action buttons
  • Use YouTube playlist to showcase your previous hangouts or trainings
  • Use the countdown timer with a custom text message to buildup event anticipation

Team Support

  • Easily enable or disable the use of the Affiliate Variable on your site
  • Allow your downline to send traffic to your page using their custom affiliate link

Full Customization of your hangout
mini-site WITHOUT any html coding


  • Upload your own background images and/or choose your own background color
  • Use one of our beautiful pre-designed themes

Video Player

  • Easily customize the size of the video to match your design
  • Show or hide video player controls and/or the video caption
  • Set the video to start automatically
  • Adjust the position of the video vertically and/or horizontally to accommodate page design


  • Add an unlimited amount of buttons to your page
  • Upload your own button image(s) or create them using the button editor
  • Adjust buttons to lineup horizontally or vertically
  • Show or hide buttons using a single button

Footer text

  • Add custom footer text using font size and color of your choice

Tracking & Scripts

  • Add any third-party tracking code to your page
  • Add any custom script to the header or the body of your page

Page Headers(s)

  • Upload and use your own custom image header or logo
  • Easily add custom text header, pick your own font size and color
  • Choose to use just the image header, just the text version, both to none at all

Countdown Timer

  • Select date & time of your event
  • Add a custom text message below the countdown display, choose your own font size and color
  • Add the timer background or leave it transparent to showcase your background image
  • Turn it On or OFF with a single button


  • Create your own call-to-action header above the comments box
  • Use LiveFyre or Facebook comments
  • Moderate comments
  • Enable or disable comments block with a single click

SEO & Social Media

  • Specify custom page title and description
  • Set your own social media parameters
  • Define custom description and image to be used when your page is shared on Facebook
  • Link your own Google+ page and Google+ profile to build up page authority with Google


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